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Give people time to reply.

It's many time zones here we are all in. And yes, when it rains, it pours. Hang in there with the emotional weather blowing through your PolyHouse. *hug*

I'd suggest you take a break, suggest to your polypeeps you take a break and then make appt to answer this conflict question together in a conflict resolution meeting.
Is the polyship changing shape or ending entirely?
Keep that meeting appt sane with some guidelines and if you cannot cover it all without someone emotionally flooding, respect that, set NEW time for continued appts until it is hammered out well. I do not know how your polyship normally deals in that. Here's just one framework.

Address things like this:
If changing shape -- you still live in, or going off to live in another flat and continue the polyship as NOT cohabitating?

If ending -- how do we want to best be to each other at the end? (Is parting as friends and drifting gently apart? Or parting as friends and staying in touch? Is parting as (#%#$ people never to speak ever but wanting to get through it fast and CLEAN rather than ugh and MESSY? What is end goal?)

If ending -- how to best land the polyship then back to Earth so end goal can best be achieved to satisfaction happy medium (tho bittersweet) to all.
Play hard, play well.


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