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Default Awesome !

I'm picturing this whole scene in my head and laughing my arse off.
Having raised a houseful of kids ourselves it brought back memories.
Hats off to you girl in general for taking on the challenge you have and trying to make a difference. There's soooooo many kids out there that need that more than anything.


Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
He screamed his bloody head off running naked and barefoot through the snow (yes it was freezing cold outside too) to the car (already warmed up and unnecessary to wear a coat in it) where I seatbelted his diaper only self into his seat after asking once more "are you goign to put your clothes and boots on?" quietly and calmly. He replied "NO!!!" followed by some uncharacteristic of that age group expletives (learned from his already abusive life prior to me).
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