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Originally Posted by TuttiandHubby View Post
WOW!!!!!!! I am in NO WAY judging you but theres NO WAY that I could let my wife leave me and our kids every other weekend for another guy.If all our kids were grown and out of the house,then I could see it but at that young age,I couldnt do it and I know my wife could NEVER leave her kids every other weekend for a guy or a woman!!!!!
How long have you been doing this??? What would you do if your hubby says" Hey,since your having all the fun,im looking into finding a GF so can have fun too and go away for weekends!!!!"

Yes you are being judgmental.. My husband is just as good of a parent as I am. Actually he is sometimes the better one. I am not one of those coddling helicopter mothers. We have sent out kids to Sudbury model schools. I am raising my boys to be independent men.

I was a stay at home mom when they were very small. I love my kids but I am not in love with them. I want then to be successful in life and not have the sense of entitlement 90% of this generation seems to have. I am only a phone call away and less than 20 minutes away.. If they call with an emergency then I come straight home.

I love both my husband and my boyfriend.. Why should my boyfriend get any less of me. Just because I didn't meet him first? I love both men equally but differently. I thought one of qualities of polyamory was being able to love more than one person at the same time. I am not out for meaningless sex. I have sex toys for that. Why are my boyfriends wants and needs any less important than my husband?

If your wife is defined by her motherhood.. More power to her. I did not lose who I am with motherhood. I am still myself. Mom is just another piece. It is not the reason for my existence.

I have been doing this for a few months. Hubby has been given the same freedom as I. BUT he is wired mono and has no interest. HE is the one who pointed out from my past relationships before him that I was poly. I flitted like butterfly flower to flower relationship to another because no one man could meet all my personal needs. He may be mono but he is open minded and is into BDSM.

Since I am no longer miserable I am a better mom and wife.

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