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Originally Posted by ethereal View Post
My celestial analogy was a perfect description of our vision of polyamory. Whats wrong with a hierarchy if everyone knows there role in the relationship and plays/lives it?
Ah ok, I didn't realise that you meant it so literally. One of you (the planet) are in orbit around the other (the sun), due to the gravitational pull of the sun-person. You are looking for someone else (moon) to orbit around the planet-person, due to the gravitational pull of the planet. The sun-person's gravitational pull will have only a negligible effect on the moon-person. The moon-person serves two purposes - a pretty thing up in the sky for the planet-person to look at when they feel romantic and causing tides on the planet-person. The moon-personal is essentially dead - completely devoid of life. The sun-person is a large ball of hot gas that nobody can get close to for fear of being burned.

Good luck finding your moon, then!

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