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I had to move to Florida from the UK last March around the height of the recession. I've spent a good amount of that time unemployed. When I have found work it has been low hourly wage work. Even the job I got being a lead teacher at a private school for autism only payed $11.50 an hour for 32 hours a week. All the other work has been temporary seasonal theme park work that pays even less.

Despite being a certified teacher in music and special needs, there simply haven't been the jobs to apply for. Even the staffing agencies don't have openings for new people because their books are full with all the other teachers who lost their jobs. Also there are practically no theatre jobs here, just theme park corporate jobs and they are all taken up. For the next year, I'll be more likely focusing on finding the steady income of a teaching job rather than finding theatre work. Though I have a job waiting for me back in London.

So this year, my income is about a sixth of what I earned last year. Fortunately, I started a retirement savings when I first started teaching. I have to cash that retirement in now in order to pay my overdue UK bills, and it means I lose a good percentage of it, but it is still better than the alternative I face, which is bankruptcy.

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