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Originally Posted by TuttiandHubby View Post
WOW!!!!!!! I am in NO WAY judging you but theres NO WAY that I could let my wife leave me and our kids every other weekend for another guy. If all our kids were grown and out of the house,then I could see it but at that young age,I couldnt do it and I know my wife could NEVER leave her kids every other weekend for a guy or a woman!!!!!
How long have you been doing this??? What would you do if your hubby says" Hey,since your having all the fun,im looking into finding a GF so can have fun too and go away for weekends!!!!"
Um, hello there claming-to-be-nonjudgemental-yet-still-judging person... you are aware that this is a site about POLYAMORY, aren't you?

Sheesh, the closed minds of some people.
The world opens up... when you do.

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