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I basically said goodbye on my last reply because I thought you were getting defensive. I didn't want to argue. I come here to try to help. I can't help someone who is defensive. It also just not fun talking to someone who is defensive. You seemed to have backed off that. I appreciate your sincerity.

I keep forgetting to tell you something. I know you don't do drugs yourself, but allowing your husband to do it shows your kids you're fine with it just as much as if you were doing it yourself. I said that because I forgot to earlier. Now you know my opinion on your husband's drug use. I don't have to keep saying it.

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Also, to him, he is very largely into the rave community, with free love, which encompasses the drugs and freedom and pseudo-spirituality and poly-relations of a sort. And that is why I'm on this site, to find out the differences and the similarities.
To me spirituality is partly about looking within myself to find my own truth, and encouraging others to do the same for themselves. My sixth sense, if you will, works best when I help my body take care of itself by eating as healthy as I know how to, and trying to live as balanced as I can. It's working well for me.

Living this way has to benefit me, as well as all the people in my life I affect through the things I do.

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I'm really not sure that he is actually poly at all, or he would give more thought on this.
You make a very good point here. Maybe your husband is trying to get some "out of this world" type of experiences, and he is looking for others who will encourage him as he tries? That is a wild guess on my part. You know him and I don't. As I said to someone who used to be a friend of mine - while I'm here in this world, I want to do things that give me the best chance of actually being here in this world.

That's why I do my best to eat well. I think the "other places" we all can go are interesting to think about, and even learn about. While I'm here, it's best to be here. That goes for mono, poly people, and everyone - just my opinion.

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