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I'm going to say a few more things, then I'm going to move on. I know your going to live the way you see fit. Part of that way seems to be your casual attitude about drugs. In my opinion poly is a different subject than drugs. It's also my opinion that drugs promote bad behavior, which makes the honesty and intelligent choices poly requires harder to achieve. One does affect the other is some ways.

The final points I have to make are:

Originally Posted by RagingBibliophile View Post
If I treat them casually, I was raised that way. My mother only once had a talk about drugs with me, saying it was ok to try some of them, but to use them safely, and it was better if I didn't. It was never a big deal in my house, so I never felt like certain drugs were a big deal in any sense, good or bad.
She passed it on to you. You're passing it on to your own kids. See the pattern? Doesn't have to be that way. I gave you my opinion.That's it for me on this thread, unless you show signs of wanting to get to a better place instead of just rationalizing everything.

I wish you well - Snowmelt
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