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Cool Wife and I are looking to become poly

To start I'm 31 she is 29 we have been together for 12 yrs. We have some questions about being poly 1 does it work and what are the pros and cons of being poly? 2 what is the best way to get into a poly relationship with another person? 3 what is the best way to approach a person that we would like to be in a relationship with us? We have a a few threesomes in the past and it worked well with no regrets or bad feelings. She has been with a woman a few times and does in joy a ladys touch. What are some key points to look at before we get into this and is it better to start with some one you know or start with a new face cause we have some one in mind that we would love to be with us but not sure she would be willing to open up to this so what is the best way to talk to her about it I know I asked that already but it is very important to me and her to get a answer about that question. Thank you and hop to get some great feed back.
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