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Originally Posted by snowmelt View Post
So what? You have a very casual attitude about drugs. You're teaching your kids that same casual attitude right now. Is that what you want to do? I've never seen drugs affect people in a positive way. That includes smoking and alcohol. Employers screen for it, people make less intelligent decisions with it.

Just because your husband uses it, ahhem... recreationally, doesn't mean your kids will stop there. I'm not buying your "no big deal" attitude. Your future problems may be bigger than you think.
i personally don't use drugs. I've done them once or twice, and thought, meh. They were not a problem if he did them every once in a great while, while he was out camping with friends, etc. I do not condone doing them around my children and nothing has ever been done around my children.

However, when he is using them as a crutch, then it becomes a problem. If I treat them casually, I was raised that way. My mother only once had a talk about drugs with me, saying it was ok to try some of them, but to use them safely, and it was better if I didn't. It was never a big deal in my house, so I never felt like certain drugs were a big deal in any sense, good or bad. I have a living example of how addiction is and what to stay away from; my aunt, who uses heavy stuff like meth, crack, cocaine, pain pills. I know what addiction is and how it poisons.

So, while I believe that the drugs have something to do with his newfound lifestyle, I think that there are other factors playing into it. My original thought was "I don't want to downplay the effect that they had on him, but I don't think that they're the only cause."

And yes, I have had a talk with him about them. I even talked to the Other Woman about him on them, and we compared and contrasted. I've wanted to see some type of counselor with him, as a couple, for a while now, and we've found someone we both think is a good choice, so we will be looking into it. Your concerns are valid, and while I don't think that occasional usage of some things are bad, I certainly don't advocate them as a way to solve your issues and I definitely will not be advertising them to my kids in the future. Hope that made it a little bit clearer.
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