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How have you known when you were compatible or incompatible with someone?
I think it's more obvious to me when we are not. I know I never ever thought GG and I would be compatible, because we are so different. But, romantically we're very compatible.
Unfortunately, in other aspects we are totally NOT compatible.
But, we've found that we can work around those incompatibilities most of the time by focusing on having those needs/interests filled with other friends/lovers.

Some issues are more complicated, like money. He's TERRIBLE with money. The current "solution" annoys the shit out of me (it does work though). That is, I handle the finances, he gets an "allowance" and I take care of all of the bills.

Maca and I were clearly sexually compatible from the outset. But, we struggle with being incompatible intellectually (the same stuff you described about your friend-to a T), emotionally and spiritually. That creates a huge difficulty for me and ironically we were talking AGAIN last night and this morning about how frustrating it is for me to endlessly feel like he's disinterested in ME because he's disinterested in anything to do with my spiritual, intellectual and emotional self.

*he see's it differently. He says he is interested, but simply doesn't have the time I have to ponder such things, and that if he didn't have to work he would be much more inclined to seek out the information by engaging in deeper conversations, reading my blog or emails etc.

Are there different kinds of compatibility and is that why poly can work for some seemingly disparate combinations of people?
Absolutely! ABSOLUTELY!

And do you think incompatibility can be overcome and result in a satisfying relationship anyway?
I hope so......
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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