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Originally Posted by snowmelt View Post
Everyone who has replied to this thread so far has given you solid information. Run with it.

You are married to the person he is now. Not the person he used to be.

You're kidding me, right? Drugs have nothing to do with it? Wake up girl!

You give your family the person you are. If you're happy and strong, you give happiness and strength to your family. If your miserable... you give misery. Which one do you think is best? Your first job is to do FOR YOU what you need to do FOR YOU, even if that means ending it with him. This will get you a lot closer to being able to give your kids your happiness and strength, instead of your misery.

Staying with someone who uses drugs tells your kids its ok to use drugs. Is that what you want to teach them? My personal opinion about alcoholics and druggies is they care about no one.
pardon, I think i gave the impression that he does it all the time. He uses it recreationally, when he's out with his friends. and i think I worded it wrong up top. drugs helped to change him, but they were only a part of it. Not "drugs made him an entirely different person", but I think that it did affect him.

and i am running with this information. i've started reading up on the sites that I've been given. I've only really had time to skim over them, and will read them in depth when my kids get to sleep tonight (summer vacation is chaos!)

And in order for me to be happy and for my family to be happy, I want to resolve this. i want to come out of this and use my experience in a positive way. That's why I came here. And you all have been very helpful. You've given me perspective, and information that i can use. i definitely appreciate it.
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