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Good day. Minus the fact that I'm staying up all night so I can pick Keith up from work in a couple of hours, I had a great time. Made some yummy food, watched an awesome movie, and met a pretty amazing person. No instant or crazy chemistry, but we got along great and we're going to hang out again soon.

I also talked to a (local) friend that I hadn't spoken to for about a week. We had a really good conversation and our senses of humor are so similar - it's great. Hopefully she and I get a chance to hang out minus the men sometime soon. No offense to them, but sometimes it's nice to bond woman-to-woman. And she is someone I could definitely see myself interested in once we know each other better.

It was soooo hard to meet people for months, but now it seems like I'm going to be busy left and right again. Gotta love it!
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