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Yeah, I know. It's been making me want to beat my head against a brick wall. Him and I have both made mistakes in being totally honest with each other, and have learned to regret it. Or so I thought. And I believe that a lot of these... issues of his stem from an extreme lack of self confidence, as he really just wants attention. That is basically what he seeks. He wants attention for himself. And like you said, you have to work on your relationship with yourself before you can have it with even one other person. And if you can't have a relationship with one person, what is it that is going to make it easier with two people, or three? That's really what has me grinding my teeth. The whole experience has somewhat been soured for me, seeing as how I'll be paranoid if they're meeting behind my back or plotting or even having freakin' BABIES, until he can prove that he is being honest and trustworthy. Argh!
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