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I agree with so many others already posting.

I do get jealous over time.

In the buckets?

I'm not jealous about body touch. Sex, were it cootie free? I think it would fine. Seeing body nekkid is the outer bucket shell. It's fun, and why not?

I'm not jealous about mind touch -- the meeting of the minds is a headgasm I love. Friendship can go there -- have as many friends as you want!

I'm a pinch jealous about heart touch
-- but again, friendship can go there if it stretches a bit. And the world needs more love anyway, so keep me in the loop there and I can be totally ok and be compersive.

I am totally jealous in soul touch -- I've parked pieces of my OWN soul in DH, and expect his soul to guard it. We're so enmeshed at this point I can't STAND the idea of a soul ambush on me via the back door that is him. So I get jealous there in spades -- pls metawhoeveryouare...

treat my babies right
the baby that is me
the baby that is my partner

If one must be dinged, ding me then. It is expected piper price. If I break? I will be furious and I will not like it but I'll deal.
If you ding him? Fine. You break him?! Without honor? I will KILL, I will be ENRAGED.
At the same time if your soul wants to dance around on the head of an angel/devil pin with ours? Come on IN! Like a Jedi, not like a freakin' Muppet.

So that's where my hardest handle/leash is. The soul bucket jealous. Greatest risks for greatest rewards.

It's a huge high, chasing that particular poly dragon. I got to taste it once and I lived and loved, for a very short while, in burning heaven/hell pendulum swing as a MFM hinge. O, the bittersweet sweet.

That's why I'm around now. We're not opening any time soon to a new lover. But I'm pulling my shit together in case there we choose to go again later.


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