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Originally Posted by RagingBibliophile View Post
That's why I've come here, because whenever I ask questions, he gives me the run around...
The more you read about poly, the more you'll notice the best advice always starts with explaining how important it is to be honest with yourself and others. That seems to be the hard part for a lot of people. That's where it all starts. That is the foundation. Without that, you might as well be trying to drive a car blind.

From what you said, your husband doesn't want to tell you the truth. Until he decides he wants to be honest with you about who he is and what he really wants, adding more people won't bring you closer. It'll tear you apart. The best thing both of you can do right now is focus on why he wants to give you the run around.

Poly is not the answer to a troubled mono relationship. Fix the mono relationship first. Best medicine - honesty. If he can't get to the place where he can be reliably honest with you, then poly is not the question or the answer. At that point, I would say maybe its time to think about moving on with your life.
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