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Default thanks!

Thanks all for your responses! I really appreciate everyone's input. It has come down to an argument between us today about this issue so now I have to really clarify with him. He did indicate in his email that he is not someone who wants to keep in touch daily, he is still getting over his past relationship which ended 6 months ago. We just have to set those boundaries. I guess that I was afraid to talk to him about it, I'm not really sure why. But now we have to clarify the relationship and where we are. We'll see if we can work out a compromise or not. As far as the insecurities?? Yes, there is a reason for them. We have a history. In the past, he wasn't totally honest with me when we started years ago, indicating his wife was ok with us being together but later found out she wasn't. IT ended badly. We got back together last fall briefly, he was still living with his wife even though they were separated. They fought all the time, he thought he could handle seeing me but with the stress of the marriage ending he decided he couldn't and sent me a "text' saying he couldn't see me anymore. Yeah, lots of history of hurts. so that's why I freak out a little about some of this. I love him dearly and we have this amazing connection, I don't want to end it right now. I do like the idea of clarifying with him about telling me if he's going to end it and stopping my anxiety. It is ridiculous I know. I am very upset tonite and just feel like we need to talk on the phone about this but he won't answer my calls, so I guess an email will have to do.
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