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Originally Posted by TornAndCofussed View Post
I guess being honest is what is so new to me, and I am not very comfortable with it yet
That sounds very honest. Sounds like you're taking the time to acknowledge yourself, and get to know yourself better. That's a very good thing. It takes courage to be honest. The same kind of courage it takes to be happy. I applaud your courage.

Most people have uncomfortable feelings from time to time. Remember, instability/stability is all about what you do when you have uncomfortable feelings. If you're feeling fear, for example, and you make a decision or do something in reaction to that fear, that action will most likely create more instability in your life. If you take no action when you're afraid, or consider any action very carefully before you do it, that means you are stable. Just because your afraid of something doesn't by itself mean you're unstable.

Mature, level headed, stable people feel fear and other uncomfortable emotions from time to time. The fact that they don't let those feelings make their decisions for them is what makes them mature, level headed and stable. If you're able to admit that being honest with yourself is uncomfortable, you're in the process of turning your steering wheel toward stable. I applaud you.

By the way, if the guy your interested in is unstable, and you become more stable than he is, I'd be willing to bet you'll lose your interest in him. You'll be much more interested in stable people. Wouldn't it be more fun to enjoy the people you have relationships with, rather than wonder about them?

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