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Hi Kevin,

I know we don't have to come out and our male partner has chosen not to come out to his family. My girlfriend and I are fine with that. But I want my family to know how happy I am, I want them to know I am loved and cared for.
My girlfriend also wants her mother to know this because she moved across the country from her and her mom worries.

I also want to come out because we are all roommates and there have been the comments of "Don't you worry about them cheating?" I usually just laugh and say "Not even a little." Omitting the fact that they have my full permission to get it on with and without me.

I mean our family could go for a long time without us telling anyone. Everyone who knows me knows my girlfriend is my best friend and I want her to live with me. They know my boyfriend is someone I love and want to marry. They also know I plan on carrying my girlfriend's child for her someday. We could have kids living with us and everything and still be in the closet, I just don't want to. I like being open.
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