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Thank you, so much, GG, for pointing out about the bareback-ed-ness! I had asked him back when he first came clean, if they had been intimate, so that I could get tested, as we go bareback since I have an IUD (sorry, if tmi, lol), and he said they hadn't. Then after finally telling me, he claims that she stated that she was on BC. When I asked her, she claimed that she was, but that, surprise, surprise, it failed. I told him that it was pure foolishness and that he should've learned from his mistakes (ours). And that is what he doesn't seem to understand, that what HE does, also affects me, since he has chosen to keep me in his life.

Yes, he is emotionally constipated. His mother is a terror, and his dad was very repressed. I come from a very loving family, very passionate, in love and in fighting. I always tried to give him love, hugs, and affection. I backed off after he told me that it was getting annoying, and that he didn't want it all the time. Then he said that he thought that it meant I wanted to leave him because I wasn't showering him with affection anymore. Ugh. Anyways, I've still got a lot of anger still pent up inside me, but I really want to get rid of it and move on. I'm still foolish enough to love him, and am still at a loss as to what will happen the next time. I am open minded, but he has caused so much harm with his lies and sneaking around.

I have posted my blog. It's entirely too long, but it felt good to spill it out.

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