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to nycindie, i appreciated your response because i can tell you really considered the question i presented and your post was honest and insightful. I didn't mean to imply that two women together being hot was somehow not an objectification of women. clearly it is, as you pointed out. i guess my point was, that we as a society, are completely comfortable objectifying women. This is a double standard of course, because nobody seems comfortable with the opposite, women obejectifying men. seems as though society is reluctant to acknowledge females as sexual creatures. even in a scenario where women seemingly objectify men, such as a male stripper at a bachelorette party, it is typically done in a lighthearted, fun and even silly way. it never seems lustful somehow. I will admit that i could be completely off base on that point because im not a woman and i am basically speculating based on the small amount of evidence i have experienced in my own life. thats the main reason i posted this question, because i wanted honest female opinions that could speak to the point far better than i can. in my case the question about two men together in a threesome context is purely academic, because i am heterosexual. i guess the double standard just bothers me. also the one woman-two man scenario was just a hypothetical that i threw out there offhand. i believe the same principle would apply in situations involving more than two men.
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