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I keep giving you credit for things that originated from other people, don't I, nycindie? lol. Well, thank you for letting me know where "credit is due" and I will do a search on postings by that person as well.

Several emails later, I'm cautiously hopeful to the point of assinging nicknames just to make it easier. The man is Link and his gf can be Zelda, because it amuses me and has something to do with how I connected with him. The way it was left last night, he is going to talk to his gf to see if she's interested in possibly meeting me. I'm unsure if he's interested in anything with me if she is not. They seem like a pretty package deal. I'm hoping if nothing else, maybe I can make a couple new friends. They also seem to be a bit more sex focused than I am - I'm not opposed to sexy fun but I want a friendship there first and ideally would like a little romance. Lover-friends, not just f-buddies - to me the difference is in the connection, and I am very much craving connections these days, with how disconnected I am from both Derrick and Marty.
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