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Ok, we have talked a lot... It is out now; and she already knew it; so it wasnt even a problem; but I'm to sensitive to this kind of stuff. He shouldnt have told me this with saying I could talk to her about this... It wasnt even a secret...

We had a long talk that our relations are different; and he should respect that. I will talk to him more soon. We know my bff already in and out; but not him; I know him for long now; but he is always a macho man; telling stories and stuff; not showing himself; so there is an distance. I just want to have trust with him too; and no weird things since we get so close. We don't have to be close; but just respect for eachother; and for being different. For him it is a bit akward that I'm more manly in some things; he is a macho man so I can understand that; maybe a bit threatening; and also since he know's I have interest in woman too; that he will loose his wife to me; but that will never happen since I want a primary relation with my fiance; a man; and not a woman...
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