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I get a lot of one word messages (hey, hi, 'sup, etc). Those get deleted. I have gotten a few that are actually very nice to read. They have spent more than a minute on my profile, read what I wrote (and yes, it's a bloody book, haha), and ask me questions about things in my profile.

I've gotten a few nasty things (one elder Christian man in Florida damning me for being a Poly Witch, haha), but it's generally nice. I've made a few friends and pen pals, which is cool.

I started down the road with someone who showed great possibility as a LTR partner, only to have him belittle my marriage and accuse me of trying to rope him into something he never signed up for. Then proceeded to demand to know why I never listen to him and refuse to just be monogamous (with him, not my husband). Good Bye! Jerkoff

Just recently started talking with a man who is in a poly relationship, is the same faith and also as artsy as I am. He and G have much in common, and his female partner is interested in us as well. Still new, but he has a much better grasp on what we are both looking for (both have OKC profiles, clearly stating what we want and who each other is). Seems like a nice person so far.

Most annoying is how (on another site), I get messages from local ladies who are interested...but they never say anything! I mean, a Hey or Ur Hot isn't going to get anywhere with me. I think I should delete that profile.

Oh, and the guys wanting details about being Bi ~ "Is it because daddy touched you? Did he? How was it?"

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