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Just goes to show how different we all are.

Me? Being with partner for 3 mos? I told then BF/now DH I intended to keep dating others. To me closing up at 3 mos in was premature. So... what did I care if he was courting others? So was I. That's why it is D A T I N G.

She also isn't exactly supportive of him being poly, although she admittedly doesn't want to break us up. Like I said, it is complicated.
Not really complicated to me. BF forks over the BF play book, and if she cannot hack playing there, she makes her choice. This one is not your bag. You steer clear other than stating your own wants, needs, limits for the polyship tiers it affects you on and you butt out and don't get into monkey in the middle on the tiers that aren't about YOU in your polyships polymath.

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