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I have a date. Tomorrow! I'm super excited. A picnic and movie in the park. I felt kind of bad that I had to veto going out to dinner when he asked, but I have 0 spending money right now because the truck needed work AGAIN (darn thing isn't worth what he's putting into it, but whatever, it's easier than buying a different vehicle I suppose) and I didn't want him to pay for me (I have this weird thing about people buying me things before I know I'm going to be in their lives for a while and will be able to repay in some way - whether by also buying things or by random baking/meals or whatever) but I figured a picnic is nice anyway and he seemed to like it. We can claim our spot early and eat and chat leisurely while we wait for dusk.

He's actually a friend of a friend, although I don't know their connection really. I'll ask tomorrow, I'm sure. He's significantly older than I am (17 years), but so far we've had a lot in common since we enjoy the same books, movies, and are just all around friendly people.

Keith is slightly envious, but seems happy for me. He's been wanting me to get out of the house more since we've had some financial upsets and I've really gotten down about my inability to find a job. Being overqualified sucks as much as being underqualified. Oh, well. One day. At least I've started hearing back from a few places.

So, just a month until I get to visit family, a date tomorrow night, and I've started getting at least some vague interest from places that may possibly one day want to hire me. It's a pretty good day.
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