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Hubby recently sent a message to a woman who bitched consistently through her profile that no one ever messages her - when she deigns to message someone first they never respond AND all the men who look at her are pussies and won't message her (no joke - she actually said she "deigns" to message and that the people who look at her are pussies if they don't message her). She is NOT a fan of open/poly relationships but he messages her anyway saying he took it as a challenge and that he is always up for new friends or penpals since they are diametrically opposed on relationship-stuff. He also asked her why she was so vehemently against poly relationships. Her response:

"Humans don't mate for life, its sad but true. Even if you marry someone and are with them till you die you probably dated or had sex with other people before you met them. The problems I have with Polyamorous/Open relationships are mainly two simple things. One hurt feelings or jealousy. Anyone that says they don't get jealous about their boyfriend/girlfriend being with another person is a lier. I've watched Polyamorous couples before and someone is always unhappy, the others know it but chose to ignore it. If their is two males and one female one male feels left out and not good enough compared to the other male his girl is seeing. If she gets pregnant the male that is not the father thinks "Why didn't she have my baby instead?" Same for one male and multiple females. If one female gets pregnant the other wonders "What is wrong with her, why didn't she get pregnant first?" Two STD's. Nowadays you can't just go around humping anything and everything that will sit still for 3 minutes. I know what you're going to say "Not if you use a condom!" Right? Wrong! I have no idea why people treat condoms like they are some magic protector. All condoms are is a tiny layer of plastic made from a porous material. Since you're a man I'm going to guess you like or even love your penis and it is very important to you. Why the hell would you trust a tiny layer of porous plastic to protect it from whatever hell might be hiding in your partners body? I personally am very choosy about who I date and who I have sex with for this reason. My overall health is more important to me than any lust or man getting off. You will probably have a good laugh at this letter I'm sure. As you laugh I wonder have you ever seen someone suffer from one of the more horrifying STD's of our time? Like AIDS or HPV? I have and it is not a joke. Now I know men don't suffer HPV but women do. You know what happens when they do get it? It causes cancer or pre cancerous cells to grow on their genitals. The only way to remove them is to have them cut or lasered off. Imagine having a doctor cut or laser off parts of your penis off. Such a lovely thing to imagine right? Even though men don't show physical sighs of having HPV they carry it. So say you are in a poly relationship with two women and they both get HPV from you and than you get to watch them suffer or die from it knowing you gave it to them both. Or you are in a open relationship and you become infected with something and have no idea how many people you have infected along the way or who gave it to you. I respect myself and other people too much to risk getting something or passing something along to someone. STD's are natures way of saying stop having sex with everyone. If we were meant to have more than one mate at a time then would have been given more than one penis and one vagina. Now you can read this and laugh and think I'm stupid or full of shit. I don't care but at the end of the day I can sleep soundly knowing that I am safe and not hurting anyone. "

Guess what? He's not gonna respond. Apparently the lack of paragraph breaks isn't what did it for him, though, although that was enough for me to complain when he asked me to read the message.
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