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I've had the same thoughts...hate the secondary label. We are not out to anybody yet, but have discussed in house how we would handle it. No decisions made yet. We are also in the process of discussing some sort of ring ceremony between the 3 of us. I guess I could use the "loves" label or introduce people to my "wives" but that wouldn't sound right legally. Are they "co-wives"?.....lovers? (yes) friends? (yes).....what to do? Since my wife isn't bi and it's me with two women, I need to find the right designation. I guess we could all just walk in and hold up our matching rings when someone asked, huh?
Personally, I consider the relationship "tribal." They are your people, your community, or the co-inhabitants of your tipi; your family. I don't know that the naming conventions are necessary or adequate. I dislike buzzwords, and believe that the descriptions place us in the box that we would like people to be thinking outside of. Roommates is probably the best one, so that nobody gets confused and tries to push a "common law" marriage into place. That could have serious legal implications. I like the idea of forming a "mutual benefit" corporation. Many states have laws to form one. You are together for mutual benefit and protection.
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