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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Or maybe affection makes you jealous, because it makes you think of them being in a relationship and being in love, which feels like a real threat, but sex doesn't because it's purey physical, and also the amount it turns you on overrides any jealous feelings? Just a thought.
It is really weird. So, she came over, they "did it", and after she left today, of course I got to hear all about it. I was happy for them. I did not have any negative feelings at all. I was actually smiling while he told me about it.

Also, after spending a little more time with her, and actually talking with her, she's a great person, but, I know there are things about her, and things about me, which let me know for sure that, yes they make great friends, but I could never see him in a long term relationship with her, solely her. The three of us, perhaps, but, I am definitively someone I know he could never live without (I couldn't be without him either!) For example, the thing he takes the most pride in is the electronic music he makes. I absolutely love it, love listening, talking to him about it, helping him out with it. When he let her listen to it, the interest was minimal at best. I'm not trying to put her down at ALL. She is a wonderful person, in her own right. Just stuff like that lets me know I'm def. primary.

I think it was a mixture of jealousy, excitement because it's new, I really do like her, and strong curiosity about what's going on in the next room.

Also, yes she is very much into girls. After I told her about thinking I'm developing a crush on her, giving her compliments, etc,... she's been giving me snuggles too. ^_^ *crosses fingers*

I'm really happy though, that it is all working out so far. Now to get her over her apprehension about threesomes...
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