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Hi Skater

Firstly, I commend you for stepping into this with such a mature attitude. A four-day stint is quite a big one to take on, since this is your first thing outside of your relationship. You're a brave guy! Braver than I am!

My best advice, since you have already started to think about processing your demons... is to keep busy.

I find that keeping busy is the best thing in the world for these kind of things.

If you're worried that you'll be anxious when she walks through the door... can you arrange to go out with a friend, or something similar, and not actually plan to come back until after she's been home for a little while? That might help.

On the plus side... I've found that once the scary stuff actually happens... it's like a huge relief. Finally, this monster you've been hiding from is right there in front of you. And you don't die. Everything is ok. That really, really seems to cut down how stressful it is after the first time.
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