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Originally Posted by JJ87 View Post
Hi Dagferi, can I ask you something? Where are the kids when you are at M's house? I'm just curious. My kids are older, with the youngest being 18 and still at home. He has mild autism so he will be at home for awhile. With that being said, I don't know how to broach the subject of momma having a boyfriend LOL

My husband either is at home with the kids like this coming weekend. My husband D is off every 3rd weekend. Or my oldest son is here. He is 18.

I really don't discuss my love life with my kids. My 18 yo doesn't want to think about me having sex with My 9 and 5 yo boys know M is mom's friend and she cares for him very much.

M really hasn't been around the kids yet. They have seen him through the winow two weeks ago when we had to drop off my car for D and when M dropped me off that Monday. When I was dating D he didn't meet my oldest son until I knew he was going to be around a very long time. When I know M is definately sticking around then D and I will set some ground rules.
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