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To throw my readers a slightly less depressing entry.... I'm now engaged in email exchange/mild flirtation with one half of a couple in my area. I'm leery of dating a couple, but given the fact that I am not looking for any more partnerships, but more so for lover-friends (trademark nycindie, hehe), I'm not closed to the idea. He and I are hitting it off as well as folks can with just text based converastion, we have a lot in common, he is local, so I am cautiously hopeful while trying not to get as "squee maybe a new person" as I have been the past two months, since that has caused me to get disappointed way too many times.

But I can't lie. I am squee-ing a little. He kept talking to me after seeing my picture, and so far most stop talking to me once I send one, which has started to give me a bit of a complex even though I know I am not ugly.
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