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Good questions NYC! I am wondering what I really meant by that too. Basically I am having issues currently with my new partner who is trying poly for the first time. We have been dating just 3 months now and a month ago he started courting another woman. I didn't feel like we were solid enough to jump into that, but i knew that wouldn't be fair to him. The situation is complicated bc his love interest isn't from this state, is only here until Oct and has a boyfriend already. She also isn't exactly supportive of him being poly, although she admittedly doesn't want to break us up. Like I said, it is complicated.

Right now I just want to learn from our mistakes, as I have made a similar one in the past that ended a relationship. I guess the only true answer is to communicate these fears and failures in the beginning of a relationship, with the understanding that NRE can wreak havoc on a current relationship, if left to its own devices. I am back in the dating field. My sitch with my bf still unknown. Today he mentioned that he might have to choose between us, and I really don't think that is fair. It hurts me to think that I mean so little to him. But I may be over reacting?
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