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Unhappy So Heartbroken

My Poly relationship is very complicated and I need some support. My husband and I entered into a poly relationship with my best friend of 3 years and her husband. What originally started as a whole group activitiy quickly moved to seperate room swapping. Which then led to dates with the other persons spouse. My husband and my bff are very similar personalities and hit it off immediately. Her husband and I are also alike and enjoyed spending time together. We had an amazing friendship/relationship......until this past weekend

Sparing all the gorey painful details, it was discovered that each poly swap couple fell in love with each other. We are trying to work through this bc we all love each other and have kids who are best friends, but I dont know where this is going....there is a lot of hurt on words said, feelings kept hidden, dreams for the future.

The thought of losing my husband, my best friend and my lover is so unbearable I am having a nervous breakdown. I was about to call 911 and say I was suicidal b/c I didnt know what to do but then how do I begin to explain the messed up situation to an outsider?

I'm so lost, and broken. I love all three of them so much and the thought of being with out any of them makes me die inside.

Is this normal? Has this happened before? Can we all work through this and remain friends? I mean just two days ago we were looking at houses to buy together to all move in as one big extended family and now......IDK?

Please any support or advice....I dont know who else to turn to?
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