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Wow, this would irritate me to no end. Being envious of others is so exhausting for everyone. You could show him this thread, if he starts to mope even more after you talk to him. I personally hate having to walk on eggshells around my loved ones. If I were you, I would tell him (gently but firmly) that polyamory is not a race or a competition, and that he needs to put his big boy pants on and stop whining. It is quite common for there to be a period where one person in a poly couple does not have an additional partner while the other one does. I could understand it if he is still upset and mourning the end of his last relationship with the gf, but to be constantly complaining and always miserable because you have another love and he doesn't, sheesh, what sour grapes - it's like he's two and having a tantrum. I'd be saying "grow up already!"
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