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Originally Posted by free2be View Post
. . . i do not have to be an expert on poly to know that when a woman likes to refer to herself as a slut or a bitch that means they are trying to attain that name, for themselves and have absolutely no interest in your best interests. mark my words anyone who prides themselves in their own degradation , needs serious help.
This is an ignorant statement. Obviously you have never heard of the book "The Ethical Slut" (about polyamory) and are unaware of the "movement" in recent years to reclaim the word "slut"and turn it around into a positive term to embrace and celebrate one's sexuality and active sex life, in the same way that gay people reclaimed the word "queer."

Originally Posted by free2be View Post
that being said < Is there any info for newbies to this polyamorous thing , because Im scared my wife will have a woman over and Ill have a stroke.
What, exactly, are you afraid of? I suggest you start your own discussion thread and provide some more details about your relationship if you are seeking advice.
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