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Default Good luck my friend!

Cloves-she's a good chatter!

Erosa-I like the addition of no sexual misconduct.

Do take time getting to know people, it helps.

I think I told you-I've been friends with GreenGecko for almost 17 years now. It's very helpful if you can really know someone as a reliable and dear trusted friend before moving on to being a "family". Lovers-well that can be ok-but when you are talking about moving and creating a family (even if said family is all adults) it really is best if everyone has a full understanding of not only themselves, but each other and the way they relate to one another on a personal level..

I do so wish you the best of luck in your search!

Sometime soon I hope to no longer be so isolated in this frozen arctic and then maybe I can actually meet some of you sweet people who have befriended me online and just enjoy knowing other like-minded friendly people!!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"