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Default Dealing with Health Issues

I told a lot of you I was "down for the count" right now due to my neck.

Went to see the specialist today.
I have a cortisone shot scheduled for Tuesday next week.
That should alleviate a great deal of the pain temporarily.

The doc is working on convincing the insurance that I NEED a breast reduction (F cup now) becuase the weight is causing further damage to the herniated disk in my neck.

That will mean several weeks down once it gets scheduled and done.

But it should also mean MUCH MUCH less pain over the long term instead of only the temporary relief from the shots.

IF that doesn't help as well as we are hoping, we will then look at surgery to replace the inner jello material in the disk. But we're trying to avoid that.

So things are looking up in that we are making forward progress with finding a long term relief to the pain. But I'm very nervous about the whole process and for the immediate-I'm still stuck down and in a lot of pain (of course that also means I have lots of time to post on here, so maybe I'll eventually bypass Mono on number of posts LOL)

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