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Well; heaven does not last forever...

A few days before I made my first post on here we were told something by the hb that we cannot say to her; I guess he is not mono too... He did cheated on her many times long ago; and he confessed that last year; that's why she could do something with us if she felt the urge to do it... But he didnt want to know it if something happened...

For us, and for her that was a bit strange, but our feelings developed after that...

I can live with a lot of things, but now recently he told us things that I'm not sure of if he will never do something with another woman. He told us (me and my fiance) his desires on a night just chatting with eachother. It is just plain sex he wants; no relations; with woman he can not commit too; and I think he has troubles with commiting himself to another.

My fiance and I are devistated about it; she is our best friend, my bff; I want to tell her everything and we should have no secrets for eachother. But I'm so afraid this will hurth her so much...

She is keeping more distance to us now (sexually and time for us 3); since she doesnt want to loose her hb; and that would be totally fine to me if her hb would be honest to her.

I like the hb (but he could not be my best friend or I could not be sexually interested in him); I know him for so long; we lived under 1 roof, as roommates kinda (but with seperate rooms ). So I'm a bit loyal to him too; like he asked I shall not confess this just out of the blue; but I'm devastated; I should choose her over him; my bff and I should not have secrets.

Now I have the feeling the both cheat on eachother and my fiance are in between. Technically she does not cheat; but for me it is not the ideal way...

We still spend a lot of time with eachother; with the families; and that feels just well. Both my and fiance feel that we can agree that we cannot be intimate with her all the time; and that we even prefer just spending with the families like one big family; sex is not everything; it is just a small part.
But we want honesty...
Even the husband asks us to come live next to them; we will go on vacation together; we spend quite some time together; that feels all fine... But honesty and respect; that is all I want... I guess we are all trapped in a mono society
I can still see something grow for the future; that we can develope more honesty; but for now it is hard; and I want it out; it lasts too long that we have a secret for my bff; and that doesnt feel right. But He should tell her; not us... As soon as I can have a talk with him alone I will tell him that we are mostly her best friend and that we want to protect her; that we cannot keep this secret for her as he asked us.
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