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Yeah, the bedridden part sucks. How long is that going on?
Well Tuesday I go in for a cortisone shot to the neck (yuck). That should alleviate a signficant amount of the pain temporarily within 2-3 days. Then I'll be up again until they get a breast reduction scheduled. But that will put me down to some degree or another for another few weeks.
HOPEFULLY that will be enough to resolve the major issues-if not then I'm looking at major surgery to replace the center of the disk and I haven't even LOOKED into the downtime on that yet. HOPING to avoid going that far.

But gatherings don't necessarily have to be demonstrations. It can start with something as simple as a book group where the books all address oppression issues (I've got a great list of books for such things, though the focus of most of them are around race issues).
Out of bedrest I tend to be very involved in group activities that are more along that line. In Alaska we have a HUGE number of students who are homeschooled through state and district run programs (due to how many kids don't live where they can access other people much less schools). But there remains a great deal of "oppression" on that topic across the country and much of it negatively impacts us here, inspite of us having a great deal of standing evidence that we not only do it successfully-but very successfully. Anyway-that is one topic that I am HIGHLY involved in up here.
Race not so much-it's really not been a huge deal in my life. When I visited my grandparents in Missouri-WHEW that was a WHOLE other story! I was STUNNED by the racist b.s. that was "normal" in Kansas City. Not to mention disgusted!
Up here things are so racial mixed up, heck we're also mixed up nationalities, that it gets ridiculously silly when someone pops off with rasicst b.s. No one really puts up with it and it tends to result in being ostracized.

HOWEVER-sexism certainly runs rampant!

An awareness campaign can start with something as simple as bringing in a public speaker who speaks on such topics to a church or bringing in a trainer for a group of people who are interested in learning more about anti-oppressive practices.

Not that demonstrations don't have their place, because they're needed too, they're just one branch of a vast tree.
I think it would be interesting to hear some of the different oppression issues people on here are experiencing. Because I think it's very different from place to place. I've lived here pretty much my entire life and it's a whole different very sheltered world in many ways then the rest of the US. We just don't encounter the same things as it's so isolated here.

But yeah, I'd think all bets are off in Wasilla for a while longer :P
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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