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GG is correct, it's his responsibility to define what he wants/needs and state it.

At the same time, I understand, as my husband has found himself in the same position too.

One of the things I see, is that he isn't willing to put in the time to meet PEOPLE (see, generally) every day and therefore, he doesn't happen upon opportunities to date as frequently.

When one is LOOKING FOR A DATE-they come off desperate. But, I have male friends who are simply social and are out all of the time FRIENDLY with the world-who have no issue finding a girlfriend-in fact can't stop women from WANTING to date them.
The biggest difference is that they are out in the world being social and friendly without expectations on a daily basis. Not-polite, SOCIAL and FRIENDLY. THey make friends and they keep in touch-and that leads to "I know someone you might like..." situations.
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