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You ask HIM, not here.

It is his responsibility to know his wants, needs, and limits. So pal, line em up here. What is it?
  • He needs to brain dump. That's one. Any others?

You state yours:
  • Your ears are full. Any others?

You both make possible solutions to try over the next month.

a) get counselor and talk more there

b) heart to heart with another friend, journal NOT WIFE place to dump brain. Give wife only cliff notes version not "processing" long pages of raw material.

c) post here online to air out

d) have lots of sex, physical labor, exercise, mental creative labor, soul prayer labor. Sometimes energy from one overfull bucket (heart bucket) can easily diffuse in another bucket and steam valve there. Like people wanting to make love after a death.

e) something else I did not think of.

Check back in at end of month to see how possible solutions went, where temperatures are at now.

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