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Sometimes you can do something about it tangibly.

Other times it just the passage of time.

I like taking the bull by the horns. I speak my truth to DH even at a whisper.

Even if it scares me to death. Because if I am suffering? Even death is release. And I know it seriously won't KILL me kill me. It would just feel gross. But if I'm suffering anyway, isn't that gross too?

Some choices in life are not win-lose but "this stinks and that stinks so which one stinks the least?"

Opening up to DH and telling him about it stinks least even if there is nothing much to do about it but wait it out. At least then he knows and tries to wait patiently with me, and he's on the lookout for my going off into witter.

He can at least help minimize my crazy train time when my own judgement is off kilter from anxiety witter.

That's something at least. And at this age, I've been through so much crazy Life, both beautiful and ugh, I take the waves much better.

But we all have to spend some time at the forge to become strong tempered.


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