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My first console type video game was Pong
First computer was the Radio Shack TRS-80

Since those days pretty much had hands on everything from Handheld light games, which you still see now and again in stores.... Watch games, Merlin, Atari, Odyssey, Intellivision, Original Sega, Nintendo up to the Wii, Gameboys up to DSi, PlayStation's up to PS3, Pinball & Arcade Games, various phones with games, even my Kindle & Kindle Fire have games on them.... and the ultimate gaming system: several PCs that even when maxed out only last a few years at best.

I remember when PacMan was single, Donkey Kong was a bad guy, the best defense against a Dragon was a Bicycle Pump, and using a ball to kill an alien Centipede was a huge innovation.

Lived through R.O.B., U-Force, Virtual Boy, & the Power Glove.... not sure how.

Basically: I am old & being born in '75 allowed me to see most of the steps that have led to gaming today and just lucky enough to evolve with it.

__________________________________________________ ______

I play mostly anything online
My go to downloaded computer games are Natto-Cat & Creeper World 2
My favorite MMO is Wizard 101

PS3: Recently got Assassin's Creed II & now have Brotherhood & Revelations being delivered any day now.
Got screwed with WWe'12 & still hoping WWe'13 actually has good game play and functional Servers.

Wii: More for the Grand Kids, but I like Bowling on it & trying to get back into Super Mario.

Whatever I missed you can ask me about.... Y'all know where I am.

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