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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
This is SOOO true. It's not really fair to expect people to immediately stop doing the things they need to survive for the sake of the hardships they create. We're just as trapped in many ways and your description of it was eloquent and spot on. A lot of the major change that needs to happen can't really happen unless there is political will in a society to create that change.

The main reason I do anti-oppression work is that when people become more aware, that political will does slowly build. I think about how the idea of Fair Trade is far more accepted and generally used than it used to be. People are doing more to consider their carbon footprint (which also ties to a lot of oppression issues) and it's slowly becoming a more fundamental part of our society. And the increased viral nature of the media makes it very difficult to ignore the parts of the world that we're connected to under the surface. Slowly that will is shifting.

As far as ideas for practical things to do, I'm a huge fan of awareness campaigns. Gathering together people who have similar concerns can do wonders to create action. It's a really great way to connect with other people and build a sense of community and justice, as long as you don't mind the metaphorical tomatoes that get thrown at you quite a bit.

But Martin Luther King said it best: The arc of the universe bends towards justice.
I'm all for gathering together like-minded support as well. Not up in that right now as I'm temporarily bed-ridden But I think it's a good step. The hardest part for me is that where we live is a fairly well-known (haha) small town (wasilla alaska) and demonstrations of any kind here tend to be VERY VERY small, shortlived and unsuccessful. The amount of SPACE that the small number of people here cover is HUGE.. Wasilla is a tiny part of the Matsu-Borough which is 25,000 square miles. The population in 2003 (most current I could EASILY find at the moment) was 65,241... all spread out over that space. Some of those are fly-in only remote homes of one family (yes seriously).

So anyway-even if I were physically up to doing a rally or other type of gathering-I don't live in a great place for it.

Anyway-I DO think it's a great idea and HOPEFULLY when we move I'll be at least driving distance from places where making a big "scene" like that is more likely and more "seen".
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