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Red face

I'm curious to see the responses to this, as I am in a similar situation as your husband...

I want them to have their time together, and we have even had some fun together as a threesome, but I have this other part of me that gets resentful and envious when they get their alone time, as I am having a very hard time finding a GF in the area -- this problem is greatly exacerbated by living in a very conservative area and holding a public job that requires quite a bit of discretion...

I go through my gamut of emotions and try to deal as best I can, and try not to burden the wife with it too much as she is too kind and sensitive to me and tries to sacrifice their time to keep me happy -- which does but also makes me unhappy because I know I am interfering in their time! AAAAAAAGGH!!

Emotions and feelings can be such a pain in the ass!!
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