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Originally Posted by aggression72 View Post
Started dating a woman recently who said she is not interested in a poly household yet maintains some contact with old lovers and describes herself as a slut and I believe is holding onto the feelings she derived through sex with her old lovers.

Just open to anyone's general thoughts. Is she poly? Is she something else? Anyone have a previous experience that's similar and any advice the best way to handle.

Also, I am Dominant and she is submissive and we enjoy BDSM, but this ads a different aspect to the relationship.
look I am nO expert on being poly, My wife sprung this on me to be honest , and I am still trying to get my head around this.
that being said i do not have to be an expert on poly to know that when a woman likes to refer to herself as a slut or a bitch that means they are trying to attain that name, for themselves and have absolutely no interest in your best interests. mark my words anyone who prides themselves in their own degradation , needs serious help.

that being said < Is there any info for newbies to this polyamorous thing , because Im scared my wife will have a woman over and Ill have a stroke.
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