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ImaginaryIllusion, I agree that communication is a two way street. For some reason, not agreeing that I was the only one responsible seems to translate into putting full responsibility on the other party. So be it. Suffice to say that we disagree on what constitutes a two way street in this case. Lest people decide to start accusing me again of beating a dead horse for simply responding to the same things that people continue to bring up over and over again, please refer to my previous posts for any issues that get brought up again.

To Mono,

Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I'm sorry that Mono feels the need to leave over this. I made no ad hominem attacks here. But even if he listed it as his opinion, I would still have to take it to task because while such reasonings might work well for him in sustaining his opinion, they unintentionally marginalize and as consequence hurt a whole lot of other people in the process and I can't stand by without trying to raise awareness of that.

I'm sure it was never Mono's intention to hurt people in such a way as it was never my intention to hurt Mono in such a way.
To everyone else. I will endeavor to do what I can to prevent such breakdowns in the future and I would certainly hope that others would do the same.

If anyone has anything else they feel I need to answer for or need to apologize for, feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to discuss it.
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