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One of my favorite things about my relationship with Wendigo and Runic Wolf is that they encourage me to be affectionate with both of them. For example, last night I was cuddling with Wendigo while Runic Wolf was playing a video game and Wendigo gave me a nudge to let me know that Runic Wolf was in a spot where my cuddling him wouldn't be distracting. However, I don't give Wendigo any more affection that hugs good bye infront of Pretty Lady, even though we've had foursomes in the past. She is uncomfortable with too much PDA from the two of us. From what I've been told, Wendigo wasn't much for hugging and cuddling before I came into his life. (Well, me and a few of our other female friends who will cuddle with everyone and anyone non-sexually and kind of forced hugs onto him).
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