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Originally Posted by UtahHopeful View Post
Such anger and emotional attachment in these responses.
Huh? Anger and emotional attachment? Where? Since it was Mags and myself who responded after your last post, I assume you mean us? I certainly am not angry. I'm pretty much unflappable and I definitely don't get angry over strangers posting words on a message board - your words are not that important to me to be angry over them or attached to any feelings about them. I get angry about things like the cost of a MetroCard to get around on public transportation in NYC, not discussions like this, LOL.

Likewise, I see no anger in Magdlyn's post. She was simply and rationally adding her thoughts to the conversation. It is a topic she has studied for quite a while, after all, and she is very knowledgeable in this area.

Methinks you place far more importance on your posts and how people respond to them than what actually exists.
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